What is Wireless Isolation?

Wireless Isolation, sometimes called client isolation, is a setting on a wireless router. When this setting is enabled it prevents a computer that is connected to the network by a wireless connection from accessing computers and resources that are connected to the network by a wired connection. It will also prevent one wirelessly connected device from connecting to another wirelessly connected device. In essence Isolating that device on the wireless network.

This is used as a method of security so that you can provide both wired and wireless connection through the same network without opening up secured computers and resources to potentially unwanted visitors. This can be very helpful in businesses that have a wireless hotspot located in their lobby for example.

Without Wireless Isolation anyone on a wireless internet connection in a wifi hotspot would not only have full access to the computers and resources in the company’s network, but also to the various wireless devices that were using the wifi hotspot at that time.

Most wireless router makers will support wireless isolation in one form or another, if you already have a router and are curious to see if it comes with wireless isolation or not you can check your products manual, or log into your router and check the security tab.