Why would you want to enable Wireless Isolation

Many people have asked why would a person want to enable wireless isolation? The answer to that question is really more dependant on the situation that you are in and the kind of wireless connectivity that you are using.

If you are a business owner and want to provide an area in your business for clients or employees to access the internet wirelessly, without setting up a completely separate network, enabling wireless isolation is the smart choice. With wireless isolation you would be able to connect a wireless router to your existing network and provide internet to the wireless devices in range. This would also protect your network from intrusion by isolating the individual devices. They would not have access to each other, nor would they be able to connect to any of the devices cabled to your network. It’s a very easy and cost effective solution.

The other possibility is that you are a homeowner using a router to wirelessly connect the devices in your house. The decision to enable wireless isolation would depend on the kind of security that you want to run. In most cases for a home user it would be easier to set up your router using WEP or another form of wireless security other than wireless isolation. However if you don’t want to use WEP and don’t want to go through the hassle of setting up guest’s devices to use your network you could enable wireless isolation in order to allow all mobile devices to connect to your network.

The advantage to this is that any time you have a guest who may want to use a wireless device to access the internet, all they will have to do is turn on the device and find your network and they are ready to go. The disadvantage is that anyone within the range of your network would be able to use your internet connection for whatever they might want.

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